200 People Who Have Looked Inside My Brain

200 People Who Have Looked Inside My Brain

So, a week ago I spent the whole day talking to Mr. Murphy and Mr. Osmond’s English classes at the local high school. About 200 kids are reading BIG IN JAPAN as part of their curriculum this year. Whoa, right? It was partway through the day when I realized: These people have all looked inside […]

Saving Money in the New Year (With a Good Husband)

So, Christmas spending was wild and crazy. I needed to bounce back from that, but then my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer sort of broke its neck, and my ice maker in my fridge went seriously berserk. We’re talking a frozen waterfall–almost something I can imagine Sting writing lyrics about, with a dead salmon in it, but […]

Post Office Frowny Face

I hate going to the post office. Have I ever mentioned that? It’s not that our local PO has a long line or is a long drive away or is an unattractive building. Just the opposite on all counts. It’s never more than a 7 minute wait. It’s a 5 minute drive. Easy parking right outside. […]

Too Busy to Write?

Actually, as much as I do love, love, love to write, there are seasons for everything. Right now is by necessity my season to be the mom. Luckily, it’s my favorite season. Like autumn is. I just love wearing great boots and a cozy sweater. It’s the best. This past weekend I had a super […]