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ASU Visit

Last week I had an amazing opportunity! An English Lit class taught at Arizona State University had read Big in Japan as part of their curriculum, and the professor, Lynette Austin, invited me to come and give a little writing workshop and talk to the students. HOW AMAZING! Honestly, as a writer of Cotton Candy […]

New Cover for Big in Japan: Buck Cooper Revealed!

Okay! After 2 1/2 years of hiding behind the red and white cover, Buck Cooper is at last on view for all the world to see! Is this how you pictured him? I tell you what, this is so much more how I pictured the cover originally. It makes me snicker just thinking about it. […]

Three Reasons I Like Self-Publishing–But Other Routes Have Merit Too

A year ago I dipped my proverbial toes in the self-publishing waters for the first time. I threw a novella I’d written in a mad dash onto the Kindle scene, quickly followed by one of my novels from my backlist. Since then, the learning curve has been a mountain, and I’ve been wearing those spiky-toed mountain […]

Tales from The Con

So I went to the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX last week and this is what happened:                       As I walked around (or even as I sat at my booth) I kept thinking it was like I was living someone else’s life. But someone cool. […]

200 People Who Have Looked Inside My Brain

So, a week ago I spent the whole day talking to Mr. Murphy and Mr. Osmond’s English classes at the local high school. About 200 kids are reading BIG IN JAPAN as part of their curriculum this year. Whoa, right? It was partway through the day when I realized: These people have all looked inside […]

BIG IN JAPAN Optioned for Film

It’s official. I have the check in my hot little hand. My sumo wrestler novel BIG IN JAPAN has been optioned for film. Yay!

Proving that Sumo and Texas Can Mix

Found this pic on my old blog, “Sumo Beautiful,” and it made me laugh. Again. Proves that Texas and sumo CAN mix. Enjoy.

Library Meet and Greet

Last night was the monthly “Author Meet and Greet” at our local public library. A couple of months ago Joyce Wellbaum got in touch with me through another one of the “Friends of the Library” ladies who I ran into when I was in the gift shop after Preschool Storytime. (My youngest daughter and I […]

Deseret News Reviews BIG IN JAPAN

The Deseret News, a Salt Lake City newspaper with a circulation of… a BUNCH, has reviewed BIG IN JAPAN. The review posted about 20 minutes ago. I’m all breathless. I’d heard there was a call for a review, and I knew the Deseret News’s policy of not letting anyone review a book if the reviewer […]

Men Read???

As a prologue to this topic, I have to note that Saturday my 4 year old daughter came dashing into my room. “Mommy! What’s your female address?” She was trying to sign up for a Build-a-Bear account online and needed my female address. Er, email. In the past I’ve written these books with titles like […]