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My (Not So) Secret Love Affair

I am in love. SO in love. Yes, with my husband (who is the very best man I could imagine and the prototype for pretty much every hero I’ve ever written into a book), but also with another. This other love is dangerous, and comforting, and helps me sleep better at night. I’m telling you, […]

Paradise Paradigm Shift

After over a year of what I might term “relentless stress,” we took a family vacation. As a mom, I wouldn’t say I look forward to a family vacation most of the time because they usually entail doing all the stuff you have to do at home but without the conveniences of home–taking care of […]

A Quarter of a Million Words, and I’m Still Feeling Like a Slacker?

October is almost over. I can’t believe how crazy it’s been. When it started, I had pie in the sky plans for finishing my third Legally in Love novel, and I was off to a running start, about 45,000 words in ten days. Yay! And then… for the next three weeks, not even 100 words […]

Summer Belongs to…

If you’re a Phineas and Ferb family like we are, you might have the “Summer Belongs to You” song in your repertoire. For our family, summer belongs to Otter Pops. I’ve only bought 500 so far this summer, so we’re a little behind, but our oldest has left to do an internship, so there’s one less […]

Because I Was on National Radio This Morning

Because I was on national radio (Bill Martinez Live — Rapid Fire Radio) this morning talking about the year I home schooled my son, I remembered this post I’d written at the end of that year. It’s still pretty tender and close to my heart. I decided to re-post it here for anyone who hasn’t […]

True Love in the Modern Age

I write romance. Um, romantic comedy. Whatever. But with that, I really should know what romance is, right? Well, today while I was out on a mini-date with my husband I experienced it–real romance. First there was take-out pizza with lots of melty cheese. Then, at the Redbox while I was running the touch screen to rent the movie, my […]

The Tornado of Craziness Soon Will End. Alas.

This last month has been a total whirlwind of crazy tornado-ness. More than anything, it’s been sucked up by driving (I’m not kidding) 4,000+ miles in the car. Yes, the thought of even driving to WalMart at this point sort of makes my knees shake. But besides the car mania, here’s what I’ve been plowing […]

Summer Vacation? Seriously?

So, it’s summer vacation. And I guess at the Griffith household that means it’s time for a vocab review. Heh heh heh. Our oldest is going into his junior year this fall, and he’s taking the PSAT-NMSQT, the worst acronymed pre-college test ever. Besides a precursor to the SAT, it’s a qualifying test for the […]

Saving Money in the New Year (With a Good Husband)

So, Christmas spending was wild and crazy. I needed to bounce back from that, but then my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer sort of broke its neck, and my ice maker in my fridge went seriously berserk. We’re talking a frozen waterfall–almost something I can imagine Sting writing lyrics about, with a dead salmon in it, but […]

I Love a Good Funeral

My husband’s aunt passed away a week ago. She’d been ill with brain cancer for nearly three years, and had suffered greatly in the past few months, and so we’d had time to prepare ourselves. But I don’t think you’re ever fully prepared, even if you’d prayed for that person’s release and wished for their […]