Hot & Ready (to review)

Hot & Ready (to review)

Meanwhile, here in sunny, sunny, sunny Arizona, the sun is trying to kill us. So is lightning. A lightning strike 20 days ago has burned about something like 70 square miles on the mountain that dominates our valley’s landscape, our one respite from the annual blast oven of summer that runs from April through early November. It stinks. […]

Coming Soon: Cover Reveal for Book 4 (and a Side Bonus)

Book 4 of the Legally in Love Series is nearly nearly nearly done! Final editing passes and a few book-launch prep details remain. I’m getting so excited. Along with that, books 1-3 are getting facelifts, too. I’m working with my designer on them this week–and possibly a Book 5, if we can get the right […]

Branding Rant: YOU Are Your Brand

There’s been a lot of talk about “branding.” Branding. We all know that certain companies offer a certain type of product. For instance, in the fast food world we can expect one known quantity from, say, McDonald’s, which would be different from something we’d buy from Subway most of the time. Sometimes we want a […]

Workshop Excitement

I’m so excited about this. My friend CJ Anaya and I are heading to the hot, hot desert (okay, we already live in one, but this one is even hotter) for a workshop in Phoenix to learn from one of the greats–Dave Wolverton, the mind behind mystorydoctor.com. I’ve read his books, watched his vlogs, taken […]

Paradise Paradigm Shift

After over a year of what I might term “relentless stress,” we took a family vacation. As a mom, I wouldn’t say I look forward to a family vacation most of the time because they usually entail doing all the stuff you have to do at home but without the conveniences of home–taking care of […]

A Quarter of a Million Words, and I’m Still Feeling Like a Slacker?

October is almost over. I can’t believe how crazy it’s been. When it started, I had pie in the sky plans for finishing my third Legally in Love novel, and I was off to a running start, about 45,000 words in ten days. Yay! And then… for the next three weeks, not even 100 words […]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Alaskan Wilderness…

I had a little coincidence hit me today, or tender mercy of the Lord today, if that’s how you like to look at things. It’s how I see it.  Today I was invited to a political luncheon. Nice, right? Yeah, but some days you just don’t want to go. Some days when you’re a writer, […]