Ripple Effect Series

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Everything Hits at Once

Am I right? Does it seem like life comes in waves, where there’s nothing, nothing, nothing for a while, and then BAM! you’re over your head? I kind of felt like that in a bad way from March until September, but I won’t go into it or I’ll sound like a whiner. No whiners! I […]

Second Chances 101 by Donna K Weaver is Available at Last

Second Chances 101 is HERE! Time to get your clean romance fix of the day, ladies. For just the low, low price of $2.99, you can have a lovely, uplifting book for your midweek reading escape. Donna has been a good friend of mine for a few years, and I owe her a lot. She […]

Tales from The Con

Tales from The Con

So I went to the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX last week and this is what happened:                       As I walked around (or even as I sat at my booth) I kept thinking it was like I was living someone else’s life. But someone cool. […]

The Fourth Ripple is Hitting Today

Happy “book birthday” to the fourth book in the Ripple Effect Romance Series: LOST AND FOUND by Karey White. I met Karey live and in person last week when I went by her house to pick up a stack-ola of Ripple Effect books to take to Comic Con. She’s SO nice! We had a fun […]