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Everything Hits at Once

Am I right? Does it seem like life comes in waves, where there’s nothing, nothing, nothing for a while, and then BAM! you’re over your head? I kind of felt like that in a bad way from March until September, but I won’t go into it or I’ll sound like a whiner. No whiners! I […]

My Little Pair of Self-Pubbing Tips

So I’ve been working on self-publishing for about a year and a half. I’ve also got a book on spec at a traditional publisher, so I’m not leaving that behind. Just…romance is a good genre to self-pub. Anyway, lately I’ve had quite a few people ask me the difference between putting a book up on […]

Owari Da!

The title means, “It’s the end!” in Japanese. Sometimes I still find myself thinking in Japanese and have to translate in my head, even though it’s been a month shy of two decades since I’ve seen the Land of the Rising Sun. Weird. I wonder if that will happen for the rest of my life???? […]