‘Tis the Season

After a completely wild ride in which I believe I gained what we shall call “experience” over the last nine months, I’m back in the writing mode again. It was a season for really focusing on the needs of my family–which were many and varied and…yeah, intense. But, it’s winding down, and I’m ready for a new thing. A new season.

There are seasons for things, I often find myself telling people. I used to lament, when my kids were small, that I couldn’t, well, actually go anywhere. Five kids in less than ten years’ll do that to you. Now, my youngest is about to turn nine, and things are a little less crazy. I mean, I don’t have to worry that one of them will dump out the entire maraschino cherries display at the grocery store if I take them with me. It’s great. It’s a relief. But back then was a different season, for daily story time and making crafts and teaching them to thread a needle and such. This isn’t so much that season anymore. In some ways I miss it.

Now, it feels like a season to write–while they’re at school, and to be present for them when they’re at home. It’s that season. I like it.

I’ll miss them when it’s not this season anymore. But it will be a new season with new challenges and new excitement. I think it’s hard to not long for a different season–one that has passed, and one that has yet to come. The best thing, I’d imagine, is to make the most of the season we’re in.

And so, in keeping with that, I’m going to embrace this season. I’ve written about 45,000 words since last Monday. Not all of them will stay in this book, (likely since I’m out of practice and they’re disconnected and weird), but the productivity is ramping up again, and I’m getting my muscles back in shape. Goal: 5,000 words today. And tomorrow. And to finish this novel and start another for NaNoWriMo.

My challenge to you: Find your season. Live in it. Embrace it.

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  1. Those are precious years with your children. You are so right to enjoy each season of your life. We miss those special years, but we love our retirement also.

    1. Jennifer Griffith | Reply

      So true! It was hard to have my son leave for a mission, and I can see how fast those dominoes will fall. It’s freaking me out. So I’m trying to make the most of this time now. (And yet…still get some writing in while they’re at school.) I’m just glad the political season is coming to a close. Super ready for the END of certain seasons, for sure. 🙂

  2. Wow! 5000 words a day? That’s a distant goal for me. Congratulations on diving back into your writing. You are an inspiration to many. I don’t think I could’ve published my book without your support. Thanks for being you!

    1. Jennifer Griffith | Reply

      Thank you, Wendy! It’s been a long time away, it seems. It almost feels like a rebirth of a long-dead part of me. Thanks for saying that about my support–I’m so happy about your book! Yay! Post a link here so everyone can see where to buy it, would you?? <3

  3. Of course I will post a link for “Scattering Stars”! Thanks for the invitation!

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