Are You Ready for Some Chocolate?

My long running book–filled with recipes and deliciousness of Jane Austen-esque romance–has a new cover.

Voila! Chocolate and Conversation! And it’s only 99-cents right now to celebrate its happy new book cover. (Cover art by Dillon McGaughey, CMI, 2017.)

Jane Austen’s PERSUASION, set in a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City

In case you haven’t heard about this book (it’s been out since 2007, but I’ve actually never done any promotion of it), here’s a little blurb.

Frothy little Jane Austen adaptation: Persuasion set in a chocolate shop in Salt Lake City

Ranked in the Kindle top 10 for LDS Fiction

Suddenly unemployed at age 31 and not married, Susannah puts her savings and her future on the line to open up downtown Salt Lake City’s first all-chocolate café, The Chocolate Bar. It all starts out sweetly when Susannah catches the interest of the city’s most eligible bachelor, a charismatic attorney who pursues her relentlessly.

But then her first love, John Wentworth, returns to town and her heart goes sideways. He’s rich. He’s handsome. And he’s got intentions of marrying anyone but Susannah.

Chocolate and Conversation is a light and frothy, chocolate-filled romp adapted from Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Filled with to-die-for recipes, hilarious situations, and swoony kisses, this delicious romance throws a wholesome Mormon girl into an impossible love triangle between her longing for her former Mr. Right and her Mr. Maybe-Right-for-Now.

Don’t think too much. Just read and escape. In fact, enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate.

Here are a few little reviews.

“A delicious treat. …Light, modern, and funny. It has the bright, quick dialogue of chick lit, but has a deeper side, an older heroine, and is kinder to the male species. Women of all ages will love it, and I suspect more than one male will chuckle his way through it as well…. The recipes are worth the price of the book alone!” – Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine

“Another great CLEAN LDS romance!! I like ‘easy reads’ in between the more in-depth ones. This is great for that! Just sit back and enjoy the story without thinking too much!” –Laurie, Goodreads

“Personality!! That’s the word that came to mind as I read this modern day adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion! As I finished the book and closed the cover at 2:00 am, I gave a satisfied sigh! That was good! Every chapter ends with some sort of chocolate recipe. I think I gained 5 lbs. just reading the book! 🙂 Can’t wait to try the recipes! I also loved how the author tied in the recipies to her story. Very clever. 4.5 stars.” – Andrea Smith, Goodreads

“Loved it. Easy reading. Perfect book to read when your brain is on overload and you just need light entertainment mixed with a passion of reading fun fiction. I enjoyed reading about the Mormons, even though I’m not a Mormon. :-)” – Lisa Myers, Goodreads

“I stayed up most of the night to read it.” – Nikki Wilson, Author

“LDS fiction that is realistic, engaging, and enjoyable. No abusive husbands, no pornography or drug addicts, no terminal illness! Hooray! Also has some great recipes for all-things chocolate!” – Willinda, Goodreads

“[C]ute book. It has an underlying message (not a requisite for chick-lit) about seasons and choices, and would make a nice little, blood-pressure-lowering escape from daily cares. Tuck it in your purse to read while you’re waiting at the dentist’s or at piano lessons, or those odd little pockets of time. You’re guaranteed a happy ending.” – Liz Adair, author

“My husband calls this book’s genre ‘Mo-Ro’ for Mormon Romance. He thinks he’s pretty hilarious. Okay, I might think so, too.” Jennifer Griffith, author of Chocolate and Conversation

Do you love that I quoted myself at the end of the blurb? Yeah, that’s up on Amazon, I think. Keeping it classy.

If you read it, let me know how you like it. The recipes I gathered from trusted baker friends, and they’re really good. The caramel one is from my aunt, and I make it every Christmas–about six batches. So delicious and EASY! Microwave! Do not stir! (I’m serious.)

Enjoy. Happy book sale!

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