“I saw this huge nearly-naked man and thought of you.”

The other day on my Facebook author fansite a friend posted that she’d been looking in an online bookstore and found these cute little salt and pepper shakers and thought of me.

The one in white is the lower ranked rikishi and the one in the black is the higher ranked.



Many thanks to Diana for seeing nearly naked obese men and thinking of me. I’m flattered! No, really! It brings a smile to my face.

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  1. Jennifer Griffith | Reply

    I have to say thanks to Diana Ault for the heads up about these sweeties. Here’s her awesome blog. Bunny cakes for Easter–and a tie-in to Max & Ruby? Yes, please!


  2. So did you get a set? You totally need them!

    1. Jennifer Griffith | Reply

      You’re right. I DO totally need them. When is Mother’s Day? I’ll start dropping hints.

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