Books by Jennifer Griffith

The Legally in Love Collection

Love Stories with a Legal Twist

Book 1: Asked & AnsweredHe asked, she answered—a definite no. Now, seven years later, they’re facing off in court. Sparks will fly. GRAB BOOK 1 FOR FREE HERE!

Book 2: Legally WeddedMorgan and Josh are desperate for college cash–but are they desperate enough to be legally wedded?

Book 3: Wills & TrustBrooke is named in a stranger’s will–can lawyer Dane earn her trust?

Book 4: Mergers & AcquisitionsLawyer Jillian acquires a lost masterpiece that could be her ticket–so why is Aero insisting on a merger to stop her?

Book 5: Assumption of the RiskHow is just a school teacher, surrounded by her few farm animals, supposed to cope when the threats start, wind blows, the power dies, and the knocking begins? GRAB THIS SHORT STORY FOR FREE!

Book 6: Illegally Wedded–Piper always believed she was a U.S. citizen, but now is getting deported, unless she can get legal status. Gorgeous lawyer Zach needs a wife to move up to partner at the firm. COMING SOON!

Book 7: Attractive Nuisance–Camilla’s dying for the promotion, but will attractive new-hire Matt be a nuisance and block her way? COMING SOON!

The Makeover Romance Collection

Big Changes–to Take a Chance on Love*

Book 1: ImmersedA makeover romance turned upside down, Lisette makes herself under to avoid love, but when Erik shows up, will she show her true beauty–and jeopardize her career?

Book 2: The Lost ArtDowdy art exhibit coordinator Ava channels her inner Doris Day–just in time for the billionaire and the hot FBI agent to walk into her museum. 

Book 3: My Fair Aussie–Eliza gets crosswise with love in this gender-flipped My Fair Lady with hot Australian cowboy Henry. COMING SOON

*Books 1&2 also available in audiobook!

Standalone Novels

Big in Japan: Accidental Sumo –Buck Cooper, huge Texas nobody, goes to Japan and accidentally becomes a sumo wrestler.

Chocolate and Conversation Austen + Chocolate = Love! At 31 and unemployed, Susannah opens Salt Lake’s first all-chocolate café. But her first love, John, returns to town–rich, handsome, and intent on marrying anyone but her.


Under the MistletoeSix sweet Christmas romance novellas. My book First and Last Christmas Date is part of this steamy-clean collection.

Strange and LovelyYoung Adult Paranormal Romance short story collection by a variety of fun authors. My story “School Spirit” apparates here.


Other Books

There are five other books I’ve had published that are no longer in print! Choosing Mr. Right, A Little Sisterly Advice, Super Daisy!, Pandora, and Attractive Nuisance (the original version.) Contact me if you have interest in finding out more about any of these books.


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  2. Rachel Griffith
    Rachel Griffith April 3, 2013 at 5:56 pm | | Reply

    One quick question. Why is Big in Japan the only book that doesn’t have your middle name?

  3. Keitha Robinson
    Keitha Robinson July 17, 2017 at 8:04 pm | | Reply

    Dear Jennifer. I really want to read Wills and Trust but it’s not available on Amazon tonight. How can I get a copy. I’ve loved all your other books!

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