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Getting a Book Ready for Submission

Getting a book ready for submission to an agent or a publisher is no small task! When we as authors write, it’s putting a part of ourselves on paper, and we want it to be the best it can be. Sometimes we’re too close to the story and can’t see problems with the plot or pacing. Another set of eyes is just what an author needs before hitting “send” with confidence.

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Maybe I Can Be of Help

Over the past 20 years I’ve edited hundreds of papers and dozens of books and partial manuscripts. Through this experience I’ve developed what I call “Reader Response Critique.” This method helps the writer know just what a reader is thinking and how s/he reacts to the story. I believe writers need to know what is working well, and not just what needs work.


Here’s the Deal

Email me a sample (the first 10 pages), and I will send you a bid. My rates will be between $1.50/page for manuscripts that need little work/time, and $2.50/page for heavier edits.

The sample is important. Before I take on your project, I need to determine:

*  whether I am the right editor for your needs.

*  whether your work is ready for an editor or whether it needs another rewrite before you pay for editing.

*  how much time it will take me to complete the edit. (If it needs more work, I need to schedule more time.)


Keep in mind that under no circumstances do I edit erotica or overt sensuality. And I’m probably not the girl to edit your horror novel or book about the occult. No exceptions.



To ask questions or schedule an edit, please contact me at authorjennifergriffith AT gmail.com. Include in your subject line “Schedule an Edit.” Copy and paste into the body of the email the first 10 pages. (Please make the font Times New Roman, 12 point. I’ll like your writing more, I promise.) I’ll evaluate and reply as soon as possible with a bid and an estimated date of completion. I try to do things on a quick turnaround!

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*Disclaimer: Working with an editor will make your manuscript stronger, more polished. However, a professionally edited manuscript is no guarantee of publication. I will do my best to help you get your story into its best form, but only publishers know what they will select and what they will not. Expect to be rejected a few times, regardless of the time and effort and polish your manuscript receives. Even great manuscripts get rejected, sometimes multiple times, before finding the right fit.

Here’s what some clients have said about Jennifer’s editing services:

“Jennifer has a great eye for everything from plot and pacing to characterization to dialogue. Her careful, thoughtful feedback is invaluable to me, and I wouldn’t think of trying to publish a book without her. I highly recommend her as an editor for any serious writers looking to turn their works into works of art.”
Donna Hatch, award-winning romance author
The Stranger She Married
Guise of a Gentleman
Stranger in Exile
A Perfect Secret
“I recently finished writing my first manuscript and did not know where to go from there when I found Jennifer. She took my manuscript and within seconds (pretty much) she sent it back to me all marked up with her suggested edits and adorable comments on the side. She helped me feel hopeful about the success of my book all while giving me much needed constructive criticism as well as plausible options for change. I have since self-published and within the first four weeks, to date, I have sold 90 books–and that has been without any advertisement. Jennifer made a huge difference in the flow and punctuation of my book. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I know that I will be seeking her services again in the future. She was a godsend.”
–Misti Stevenson, author of Even Me, Even You
“Jennifer Griffith’s attention to detail, expert understanding of pace and plot, and her careful editing took my book debut novel, Blood Moon, from good to great. Her feedback was invaluable to me.”
Teri Harman, author
Blood Moon
Black Moon
“One of the magical things about Jennifer as an editor is her why factor. Most editors can spot the areas that aren’t working in a story–the what–but very few can tell you why. I’ve found understanding the why is more valuable than the what because it allows me to fine tune my stories in ways that stay true to my original vision. Working with Jennifer I never feel like I’m writing her version of my story. Cheerleader, coach, and writing colleague–with Jennifer it’s all three for one deal. Just hire her.”
author of the Niuhi Shark Series
“Jennifer Griffith has a knack for editing and a natural instinct for technical aspects of writing. She knows exactly how a reader will connect with your work emotionally and makes helpful critiques and suggestions that take your novel from good to great. I have benefited from her editing genius and can honestly say that I was eager to start my rewrites after seeing my manuscript through her eyes.”
Cynthia Anaya, author of The Healer

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