No Hippo, Please

Hello, Reading Friends. It’s been a week of local Christmas music concerts. First was the middle school, then the elementary school. Sunday night was the community’s presentation of “The Messiah”—which we go to every year and which, I think, had the best solos this time—and next week will be the high school. Love them!  Well, mostly. […]

New Billionaire Novel

New Billionaire Novel

Hey, I’m so excited to be writing in the Getaway Bay series! My first novel is a Christmas offering that I’m calling The Billionaire’s Blue Christmas. He needs this job to honor his late wife. She needs to complete her late fiancé’s bucket list to be free. Former action-movie star Chet has counted the days since he lost […]

Big ’80s Hair, Please

I went to visit my parents at my childhood home this weekend, and my mom has been cleaning things out. She handed me a shopping bag full of old curling irons to take home for my daughters to use. They were ecstatic. Last night my 13yo curled my 11yo’s hair with one that had a barrel […]

A True True-Love Story

I have a true love story for you today. It’s about my sweetheart, Gary. Of course. Four or five years ago, I bought a silk blouse at a consignment shop. It’s so pretty, dark purple, long sleeves, tailored lines, soft as, well, silk. When I wear it, I feel … thin, smart, together. Everyone needs […]

Have I Bored You to Death Yet About my Birthday?

Did I tell you about my birthday? More appropriately I should ask, have I bored you to DEATH yet about my birthday? I actually can’t believe how much I have talked about it this year. It’s weird, like I’m possessed by a birthday-carer or something. Anyway, doesn’t matter. I have to tell you about my husband’s gift! […]

How I Fell Victim Like Sleeping Beauty

True confession. I am a read-a-holic. However, I always buy my books … until now. Today, I accidentally-on-purpose signed up for Kindle Unlimited, the Amazon reading subscription program like Netflix. Almost all my books are offered in it, so I love it. It’s weird I never signed up before, considering. See, there was this email from Amazon, and I clicked […]

The Lure of Spicy Corn

My assignment for the Big Griffith Thanksgiving Party is jalapeno corn. There’s an irony there. I’m from Idaho, a place where the spiciest foods I grew up eating were salty mashed potatoes.  So, as a newlywed I showed up in the Arizona southwest, home of the green chile and the jalapeno. Me, from the Land […]

Great Audiobook Giveaway!

Are you an audiobook listener? THIS IS YOUR DAY! Check this out! Win Audio Books or Subscriptions to AUDIBLE & Gain Access to Deals & Steals on even more! (2) Grand Prize “Gift Baskets” of ALL eBooks! (3+) Winners of 3 Month Subscriptions to AUDIBLE and Random Audio Book Winners

The Billionaire Makeovers Get a Big Makeover!

The Billionaire Makeovers Get a Big Makeover!

So, it was time! I needed to gussy up my Billionaire Makeover Romance series, and I decided at first to just re-cover them, but my friend and cover designer told me…nope. They need new faces, new titles, a whole new look. After a few minutes’ consideration, I realized she was totally right! So, here they […]