Elf (novel) on the Shelf!

My friend Anna from my American Night Writers group has been “bitten by the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy-bug,” she says, and is on an elf novel kick. Her sixth elf novel in just five years is now in print and e-book and ready to read, all you fantasy fans! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I admit […]

Change Your Point of View

Somewhere in one of the songs on my running MP3 there’s a line, “change your point of view.” It might be in “Man in the Mirror.” No, I am not running very fast. And I’m proud of it. Anyway, as I’m prepping for this big rewrite of my NaNo novel, I got an idea about […]

Meridian Magazine -- Latter-day Saints Shaping their World

Meridian Article Posted

Just felt glad to have my article posted in Meridian, an online magazine. It’s my third article for them this year, and it’s pretty exciting. My cool friend Erin McBride has been helping funnel my work onto that site, and I really appreciate her. She’s quite the amazing girl–so accomplished and so well-spoken. Her political […]

Bug Ingestion & Other Healthy Habits for Writers

This morning marks the first scorpion of the spring. Indoor scorpion, that is. Ugh. This came after my morning run when I was zipping along the rural road smelling the fresh mown hay and accidentally ingested a little bug. Delicious. However, the chance to smell the cut alfalfa was worth it. I’d eat two bugs […]