Texts from my Future Self

Gary and I were watching this webTV series a few weeks ago, just a couple of episodes so I don’t know how it ends (it got a little edgy for me). Anyway, in it, the ever-darling Shiri Appleby is in a lame relationship. She is in the process of inventing a smart phone app that lets a […]


On the 4th of July I met with all the Stewarts for the annual Stewart Family Gathering. We were in Utah and my youngest uncle (just a few years my senior) and his wife (same age as my husband–that’s a big Mormon family for ya) and a cousin (just a couple of years older than […]

The Great Indoors

So I’m sitting here on a leather recliner in the mountains in an air conditioned cabin that has a chandelier. No, really. A fancy one that could be at a posh hotel’s lobby in another life. The bathroom sinks have a swan motif on the faucet that echoes the swan motif on the light fixture. […]

This could be entertainment at your next bar mitzvah in Blackfoot.

Spuds and Sumo

So I finally signed up for Pinterest, and I’ve been doing a sumo page. It helped me stumble onto this gem of a site: http://usasumorevolution.com/ Did you know there was a sumo association in eastern Idaho? Neither did I. Perhaps you’re reading this blog from the comfort of your living room in the Snake River […]