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Review: Dissension by Adrienne Monson

Adrienne Monson’s debut novel, Dissension, is the first in a trilogy and tells the story of a teenage girl who finds herself unexpectedly sucked into the world of vampires (pun intended) and the vampires’ war against the immortals, their eternal enemies. Samantha doesn’t know what to expect when her mother dies and she must go […]

Meet Adrienne Monson, Newly Minted Author!

Today I’m interviewing Adrienne Monson, author of the just-out-this-weekend newest-vampire-novel-on-the-shelves DISSENSION. She’s a cool chick with the most gorgeously stunning auburn hair you’ll ever see, and I appreciate her taking time to answer all my questions. First off, the most important question: do you snack when you write? If so, on what? (Don’t say blood.) How’d […]

Super Blogger Moi

So, even if I don’t add a lot of content to this site this month, I’ve been adding a certain amount of text gravitas to the World Wide Web in general. Need evidence? Check out this list of blogs I’ve been scribbling all over lately. (Many thanks to my publicist Kirk for facilitating the blog […]