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Fairy Godmothers have Incorporated!

Today I’m excited to announce a new book on the reading scene: (trumpet fanfare, please) FAIRY GODMOTHERS, INC., by Jenniffer Wardell. Jenniffer and I met at my book launch for Big in Japan, and I only got to talk to her for a second because of swirling chaos, but now that I’ve read her amazing […]

Little Present to Me

It’s New Year’s Eve! I love New Year’s Eve–now that I’m married and don’t have to wonder when my prince will come and now that I have someone to kiss at midnight every year. It’s the best. Today I’m cracking the whip and getting the kids to clean up the Christmas bomb that exploded all […]

Book Review: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

My friend Megan┬áhas been telling me about her friend Jennifer Nielsen who is this fantastic writer she knew in Utah and who recently got picked up by Scholastic (!) for a three-book middle grade deal. Woo hoo! Kudos to writers who get the Big Deal! Really happy for her! So, I was at the school […]