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Don’t Go to Bed Angry, But Waking Up Angry is Fine

Moms. We have to get up pretty early in the morning. It seems that no matter how early I get up, whether it’s 6:15 or 4:45, I end up berating myself for not getting up ten minutes sooner. But some mornings it’s hard, especially after a late night Netflix or Hulu binge of Korean dramas […]

Upcoming Stufffffff

“Life moves pretty fast.” Name that 80s movie. I’ve got a ton of stuff going on too, and it’s making life speed up. I like things slow. On Saturday I’ll be in Mesa, AZ, at the Latter Day Cottage signing books from 10-2 for the WUFC Fundraiser to help raise money for Serena Freewomyn to pay […]

TKE in SLC: Best Case Scenario

Even after Friday night’s friends-and-family bash at the Barnes and Noble in Layton, I was still a nervous wreck about going to Salt Lake City for the signing at The King’s English. I’d seen pictures of the store and knew it was in a really, really cool bookstore–like the kind you see in a fabulous […]

Updates on BIG IN JAPAN

My publisher keeps sending me what I can only describe as teasers about my upcoming novel, which is set to release July 28th. I still haven’t seen the cover for Big in Japan, but they tweeted that it’s done and it’s fantastic and innovative and … it’s killing me! I’ve got to see this thing! The […]