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Malibu Chicken at The Sizzler as a Novel Plotting Device

I think it’s time to repost this blog I wrote for Chistopher Loke, the executive editor of my publishing company, last summer. (He assigned the topic, admittedly, as a bit of a joke, but I didn’t know that at the time.) I can’t stop thinking about Malibu Chicken, and it seems maybe it’s a sign. […]

Super Blogger Moi

So, even if I don’t add a lot of content to this site this month, I’ve been adding a certain amount of text gravitas to the World Wide Web in general. Need evidence? Check out this list of blogs I’ve been scribbling all over lately. (Many thanks to my publicist Kirk for facilitating the blog […]

Guest Blogger–Christopher Loke, Executive Editor

Super cool guest on this blog today! Christopher Loke, Executive Editor for Jolly Fish Press is here today to tell us what it takes to make a book happen!¬†For anyone who is in the writing process (at whatever point–from pre-writing to final edits to post-published) this is some good info. Enjoy. The Making of a […]