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I Might Be A Cheater. I Don’t Know.

So I started my NaNoWriMo project, and quickly sailed through the first 20K words. As always. And then I hit the 20K wall. As always. Then, I decided it was time to take the story to the expert, my muse, the smartest man I know: my husband. He read the first 100 pages of my […]

The 5 Edits Every Novel Needs

I’m reading a novel for a friend. I’m just at the beginning of it right now, but I can tell the main character is going to be compelling. I’m only on page nine, and already I feel the girl’s aching and am anxious for her success and her opportunity to overcome adversity and find happiness. That’s a successful beginning. […]

Editing. It’s like Jenga.

I have a big problem with my current project. It’s not exactly writer’s block. It’s more like … editor’s block. And continuing on with the “block” terminology, it’s kind of like dominoes. Or JENGA. Remember Jenga? That game where you try to carefully remove a block from the stack without toppling the whole pile? I remember […]

Guest Blogger–Christopher Loke, Executive Editor

Super cool guest on this blog today! Christopher Loke, Executive Editor for Jolly Fish Press is here today to tell us what it takes to make a book happen! For anyone who is in the writing process (at whatever point–from pre-writing to final edits to post-published) this is some good info. Enjoy. The Making of a […]

Likening Housework unto Editing…and the Bacon Sundae

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go help someone clean her house while she was in the hospital. It had a regular level of dirt, but it was a breeze! My sister in law was helping me, and we both commented on how easy it was to whip through someone else’s house. […]

Peanut Addiction and Writing through the Inferno

It’s almost scary the amount of honey roasted peanuts I’ve eaten in the past week. I once heard that peanut addiction was a sign of peanut allergy. (I think some people just don’t know what they’re talking about.) Either way, I’m going to be allergic to myself soon if the insanity doesn’t stop. Oh, look, […]

Too Many Exclamation Points !!!

So, the edits are finally done and sent off to the publisher. Yeah! Now I can go see The Avengers as a celebration! It’s weird what a read-through can turn up. I’m really glad they sent me this round of edits. The thing that jumped out at me on this the 75th read-through–exclamation points. Lots […]

Too Early for Boston Baked Beans?

I had to ask myself this morning, is 9:00 a.m. too early for Bush’s Best Boston Baked Beans? And then I opened a can and heated them up in the microwave and ate a bowl of the delicious molasses and brown sugar flavored legumes and said, no. 9:00 a.m. is probably too LATE for them. […]