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Two Kids Down, Three to Go

Over Thanksgiving, we went to my husband’s aunt and uncle’s house for the big feast. We go every year, and even though the aunt and my mother-in-law are the only two children from their family, their posterity really is quite vast. This year there were 55 there, and two of the larger families were missing. […]

Living Up to My Privileges as a Parent

I *finally* shampooed my carpets this morning. It’s such a disgusting task. Not the actual scrubbing part. I’ve got a carpet shampooer. It’s fine. It’s the dumping part–when I pour the sucked-up cleaning water down the drain. Gross. It’s just almost sludge. While I like the illusion of cleaner carpets, I wonder how many, many […]

Welcome to Goathead Island, Kids

It’s February 16th and about time to pull weeds again around here. The air is full of smoke from weedburning. Ever since my husband and I moved to this town 13 years ago, we’d been looking for land to build a house on. It’s a rural area with a slow economy. I figured, “How hard […]

Is Revising a Goal the Same as Quitting?

I have revised my New Year’s Resolution. Already. I mentioned this to my husband, and he said, “It’s good to give up sometimes.” But, I argued, it’s not giving up. It’s changing my focus as a result of better information. My big plan was to make myself stop eating cold cereal—any cold cereal. This is […]

The Law of Compensation (free audiobooks included)

I dropped my kids off at school Monday morning after a long Christmas break with a lot of family together time. (Whether togetherness always counts when 5 or more of us are absorbed in some screen or other is up for debate.) But it was a fun break, and seeing it end got me all […]

Memorial Day (and the pop can)

I was reading Auto Week magazine this morning and thinking how much I LOVE reading car magazines. It’s a problem though because I never want to throw them away. I want to go back and read them again and again. And now I’ve got a pile of magazines (including mags the neighbor gives me to […]