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New Cover Reveal — Immersed

Okay, I didn’t actually think this would happen, but all of a sudden, Immersed has a new cover! I’m so excited. I love these models and the look on their faces and how well they fit the story. It’s just…awesome. Big thank you to Rachael Renee Anderson for her incredible skills. She’s pretty dang amazing, […]

Shouldn’t This Get Easier By Now?

I’m excited! I have a book signing today! And it’s in my hometown, at the Preston Citizen from noon to two. Or three. Depending. But to be honest, I’m also pretty nervous. Shouldn’t this get easier by now? It’s been 10 years (well, nine years and eleven months) since I first ever did a book […]

Why I Write About Makeovers

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I’m a lazy personal groomer. Sometimes I think I need a support group because I absolutely hate doing my hair and makeup. Yeah, I make the effort every day–sometimes not until 3 in the afternoon–but it’s not something I look forward to or enjoy. I find myself feeling a […]

Official Launch of a New Romantic Comedy

My book is officially launching today! Yay! I know,  I know, it’s been available for a couple of weeks so this is a tad bit anticlimactic. But I CELEBRATE NONETHELESS. Humor me. And in case you’ve forgotten, despite my frequent reminders, here’s the rub about the whole series. Book One (Home Matters by Julie Ford) […]

Why February in Phoenix Was the Place to Be

I just returned night before last from the annual ANWA Conference in Phoenix. This is my fifth or sixth year to attend, and I have to reiterate that in February, Phoenix is the place to be. I’m telling you, the weather was fantastic. All you suckas stuck in the snow who opted out of the […]