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New Clean Romance Series Kicks Off TODAY!

I’m just hopping up and down! (Well, actually I’m typing and sitting on my couch. But my spirit is hopping up and down.) It’s here! The launch date of this new series. I’ve LOVED reading through these books. They’re really lovely stories, just sweep-you-away stories of people I feel I actually knew when the books […]

Super Daisy! is Here!

Why did I put an exclamation point in the title? I wonder! F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Cut out all these exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.” So, hahahahahahaha! Nevertheless, my new novella SUPER DAISY! is here at last. And it’s just $1.99. Click here to download for your Kindle! And if […]

What’s Nice About Being a Small Town Author

Ugh! In my cleaning out of the newspaper pile yesterday I could not find the one paper I was looking for. It was from a couple of weeks ago, and it featured a pic of my friend Heather Tregaskes and I on the front page (in a tiny “look inside” photo) and then on page […]

The Genkan

My husband has been reading my novel BIG IN JAPAN this week. Bless his heart! What a good man I married. And I have to admit that every hero in every book I write is just a different incarnation of my good, good man. So, what’s been interesting as a bystander to his reading is […]

Upcoming Stufffffff

“Life moves pretty fast.” Name that 80s movie. I’ve got a ton of stuff going on too, and it’s making life speed up. I like things slow. On Saturday I’ll be in Mesa, AZ, at the Latter Day Cottage signing books from 10-2 for the WUFC Fundraiser to help raise money for Serena Freewomyn to pay […]

Deseret News Reviews BIG IN JAPAN

The Deseret News, a Salt Lake City newspaper with a circulation of… a BUNCH, has reviewed BIG IN JAPAN. The review posted about 20 minutes ago. I’m all breathless. I’d heard there was a call for a review, and I knew the Deseret News’s policy of not letting anyone review a book if the reviewer […]

Tidings of Comfort and Joy from the Writers Conference

At the end of February I attended the annual ANWA Writers Conference in Mesa, a nice place to be in February. I think the agents from Denver and NYC were loving the weather, as was the editor from Utah. It was a balmy 68. Other good things happened there. One, I got to wear my *awesome* […]

Whipped Cream Diet

I forgot how much I hate being on a diet. It’s been a couple of years since I actually made an effort to diet. I’ve been trying the “exercise instead” plan. But wearing awesome boots and other fantastic high heels has kinda wrecked my hip. So very sad! I weep for the sadness of not being […]

Guest Blogger: Auntie Lehua!

Get out a frosty drink and put on your flip flops, folks. I have a special Hawaiian treat for you today! My fellow JFP author Lehua Parker is here to guest blog about her new book One Boy No Water, the first installment in the Nihui Shark Saga. (Nihui shark means maneating shark, I do […]

Men Read???

As a prologue to this topic, I have to note that Saturday my 4 year old daughter came dashing into my room. “Mommy! What’s your female address?” She was trying to sign up for a Build-a-Bear account online and needed my female address. Er, email. In the past I’ve written these books with titles like […]