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Elsie Park Knows.

I have a guest today on this here blog. It’s my beautiful and brilliant friend Elsie Park. She is a wonderful mother, a super homemaker, and an all around neat person. I wish she’d move to town. That’d be so fun. Elsie has her debut novel, er, debuting right now. It’s called Shadows of Valor, […]

It’s My Bookiversary! Let’s Celebrate!

First off, yesterday my husband mentioned that he prefers “not big” hair. He couldn’t be serious, could he? Come on. Big hair is the best! I’m choosing to ignore the comment. And now…. A year ago this week, BIG IN JAPAN hit the shelves. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year. What a fun […]

Blood Moon by Teri Harman a Bewitching Read

I’m happy to be part of the Blood Moon blog tour! Granted, I’m posting a few days later than scheduled, but hey. Time marches forward, even when we’re deep in the heart of Scottsdale without internet access (which is another story for another day.) Now, ladies and gentlemen: Blood Moon! From the back cover: Willa […]

Interview: The Brothers Washburn

I had a chance to interview Andy and Berk Washburn, the brain trust behind PITCH GREEN, the newest release from Jolly Fish Press. I reviewed PITCH GREEN here. If you like a good, spine-tingling read, these guys have a story for YOU!   First off, do you go camping? If so, which of you tells […]

Review: Pitch Green

PITCH GREEN by The Brothers Washburn debuts today from Jolly Fish Press. It’s a YA Horror novel *(NOT my usual genre)* which is what is going to make this review highly unexpected–especially for me. I’ll be interviewing The Brothers and posting the interview here on Monday, but I’m excited about this book and want to give any weekend readers […]

Meet Adrienne Monson, Newly Minted Author!

Today I’m interviewing Adrienne Monson, author of the just-out-this-weekend newest-vampire-novel-on-the-shelves DISSENSION. She’s a cool chick with the most gorgeously stunning auburn hair you’ll ever see, and I appreciate her taking time to answer all my questions. First off, the most important question: do you snack when you write? If so, on what? (Don’t say blood.) How’d […]


On Saturday I was in Utah for family things and Jolly Fish Press’s super fun staff snagged me and brought me in to the Provo Library after hours. We did an author interview they videoed and will be putting on the book’s website. Interview! The questions were fun, like what’s sumo all about, and what’s […]

Guest Blogger–Christopher Loke, Executive Editor

Super cool guest on this blog today! Christopher Loke, Executive Editor for Jolly Fish Press is here today to tell us what it takes to make a book happen! For anyone who is in the writing process (at whatever point–from pre-writing to final edits to post-published) this is some good info. Enjoy. The Making of a […]

The Book Cover is Here for Big in Japan

Here’s the art for the jacket cover!  After months of waiting and watching, it’s here! The jacket art for BIG IN JAPAN. I’m loving it. The minimalist design, the top-to-bottom, right-to-left of the kanji in the background, the silhouette of the sumo wrestler crouching, waiting to begin his fight. The red. The white. It’s so […]