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Living Up to My Privileges as a Parent

I *finally* shampooed my carpets this morning. It’s such a disgusting task. Not the actual scrubbing part. I’ve got a carpet shampooer. It’s fine. It’s the dumping part–when I pour the sucked-up cleaning water down the drain. Gross. It’s just almost sludge. While I like the illusion of cleaner carpets, I wonder how many, many […]

A Mom’s Throwdown Over Throw Pillows

After all these years sitting in living rooms, it finally occurred to me this morning why they’re called “throw pillows.” It’s because every single time a child encounters one, he or she feels an uncontrollable urge to throw them on the floor. Why is this? Why is it that every time I go into my […]

Peanut Addiction and Writing through the Inferno

It’s almost scary the amount of honey roasted peanuts I’ve eaten in the past week. I once heard that peanut addiction was a sign of peanut allergy. (I think some people just don’t know what they’re talking about.) Either way, I’m going to be allergic to myself soon if the insanity doesn’t stop. Oh, look, […]