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I Made it to 50K!

It’s done! Yay! It took a wild wrong turn partway through, but I rewrote from the blank page and then ended up improving it. (Pretty sure of that.) Feeling excited about the changes. In fact, I might have to make December in JenNoWriMo so I can finish the rest of the story. #amwriting #andwritingandwritingandwriting

I Might Be A Cheater. I Don’t Know.

So I started my NaNoWriMo project, and quickly sailed through the first 20K words. As always. And then I hit the 20K wall. As always. Then, I decided it was time to take the story to the expert, my muse, the smartest man I know: my husband. He read the first 100 pages of my […]

November: It’s Not Just About Overgrown Facial Hair

It’s officially underway, the NaNoWriMo challenge. Not all people have heard of this. I mentioned it to my sister, who did say she’d heard of it but thought it was a conference. (It’s okay, Carrie. If I weren’t steeped in this whole writing culture, I wouldn’t know either.) November. It’s not just about not shaving. […]

The TWO Sweetest Words a Romance Novelist Can Write

I know romances often revolve around the “big three words.” But today, this romantic comedy writer wrote the big two: THE END. Yeah, it was just the end of a first draft that’s probably a lot crummier than I’d like to admit. But still, I can’t improve it until there’s something to improve upon. And […]

Well, I’ll Never Do THAT Again

In the fall of 2011 while I was waiting on confirmation that BIG IN JAPAN would be picked up for publication, I joined the rest of the writing world in the ritual known as NaNoWriMo. It’s a weird word, one reminiscent of a bad rhino joke or something Mork From Ork would say, but it’s […]

November should be “Missing Writers Month”

November. Where are all your writer friends? They’ve all suddenly gone stealth, AWOL, quiet. Why? Answer: http://nanowrimo.org/ My word count, as of November 20th: 30,210. Or so. No time to blog. No time to clean my house. No time to make any more excuses. I’d better get back to that WIP. (When a NaNo comes along, you must […]