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The Tornado of Craziness Soon Will End. Alas.

This last month has been a total whirlwind of crazy tornado-ness. More than anything, it’s been sucked up by driving (I’m not kidding) 4,000+ miles in the car. Yes, the thought of even driving to WalMart at this point sort of makes my knees shake. But besides the car mania, here’s what I’ve been plowing […]

Summer Vacation? Seriously?

So, it’s summer vacation. And I guess at the Griffith household that means it’s time for a vocab review. Heh heh heh. Our oldest is going into his junior year this fall, and he’s taking the PSAT-NMSQT, the worst acronymed pre-college test ever. Besides a precursor to the SAT, it’s a qualifying test for the […]

Tears for the Hashtag

A couple of days ago I found myself in a Twitter blur, just scrolling through strangers’ tweets, wondering what makes people want to broadcast 140 characters of … whatever… into the cybersphere. It’s fun. I like Twitter. It’s kind of a noncommittal medium. You say it but it floats away. Like on the wings of […]

Prioritizing as a Writer (and as a Person)

I guess it finally hit that point because I woke up yesterday morning and thought, “We can’t live like this anymore.” The house was just…beyond. I guess it’s because I’ve been so focused on my WIP since my parents left (in March!) that I haven’t really looked around and seen the scary levels things had […]

Things I Paid my Daughter $1 to Do

Today my 10 year-old asked me if she could save up and buy a kiddie pool to put in the back yard. My mommy mercenary ears went a-buzzing! Cheap labor! A way out of doing housework chores I have been dreading! Yeah! “Sure, sweetheart. Do you want to start today?” “Do you mean ‘money jobs’?” […]

Mistakes about the 1956 World Series Yankees and my Dad (with apologies to the fans)

All my life I grew up thinking my dad loved the Yankees. He’d met the team in Japan. I love Japan. I loved living in Japan. I loved learning Japanese. I loved meeting Japanese people. I loved all of that. It’s been 20 years now this spring since I got on the plane to fly there for […]

Going Dark for DC/ Threats and Bribery: The Delicate Balance of Parenting

So, for the past week I basically went dark on internet interaction. It was weird to leave the “computer me” behind–all my editing projects and writing and this great swirling pit of time-suck known as social media that must be done when a person has a book recently in publication. It was nice to just […]