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Proving that Sumo and Texas Can Mix

Found this pic on my old blog, “Sumo Beautiful,” and it made me laugh. Again. Proves that Texas and sumo CAN mix. Enjoy.

Updates on BIG IN JAPAN

My publisher keeps sending me what I can only describe as teasers about my upcoming novel, which is set to release July 28th. I still haven’t seen the cover for Big in Japan, but they tweeted that it’s done and it’s fantastic and innovative and … it’s killing me! I’ve got to see this thing! The […]

“I saw this huge nearly-naked man and thought of you.”

The other day on my Facebook author fansite a friend posted that she’d been looking in an online bookstore and found these cute little salt and pepper shakers and thought of me.     Many thanks to Diana for seeing nearly naked obese men and thinking of me. I’m flattered! No, really! It brings a smile […]

Making the Leap

I’m happy to relocate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s going to be fun to design my own website and start to promote my upcoming novel Big in Japan, the story of a hapless heavy guy who goes to Japan and accidentally becomes a sumo wrestler. (He has to win the Emperor’s Cup to save […]