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How to Give an E-Book as a Gift

My latest go-to gift is an e-book. This is probably because I have a lot of reading friends. Almost everybody has either an e-reader or a downloaded an app e-reader for a smartphone or tablet. Even *I*, technophobe extraordinaire, have the Kindle app on my tablet. When I’ve read and loved a book, sometimes I’m just dying to […]

Booksigning and Newspaper Article

In this morning’s paper is an article about my upcoming booksigning! I’ll be signing copies of BIG IN JAPAN at Bookworms Bookstore on Highway 70 in Thatcher this Saturday morning, August 18th from 10:00 until 1:00 (unless copies run out.) PLUS, I’ll be talking on KATO radio AM 1230 at 7:30 that morning. I hope […]

The Wayback Machine and Haunted Cell Phones

My kids have been watching hours and hours of “Rocky & Bullwinkle” this summer, and I couldn’t be prouder. By far my favorite segment is Mr. Peabody and Sherman, where the world’s smartest dog takes his affable boy Sherman on trips back through time in his WABAC Machine (Wayback) to see improbable events in history. […]

The Book Cover is Here for Big in Japan

Here’s the art for the jacket cover!  After months of waiting and watching, it’s here! The jacket art for BIG IN JAPAN. I’m loving it. The minimalist design, the top-to-bottom, right-to-left of the kanji in the background, the silhouette of the sumo wrestler crouching, waiting to begin his fight. The red. The white. It’s so […]

Updates on BIG IN JAPAN

My publisher keeps sending me what I can only describe as teasers about my upcoming novel, which is set to release July 28th. I still haven’t seen the cover for Big in Japan, but they tweeted that it’s done and it’s fantastic and innovative and … it’s killing me! I’ve got to see this thing! The […]

Too Many Exclamation Points !!!

So, the edits are finally done and sent off to the publisher. Yeah! Now I can go see The Avengers as a celebration! It’s weird what a read-through can turn up. I’m really glad they sent me this round of edits. The thing that jumped out at me on this the 75th read-through–exclamation points. Lots […]

Final (?) Edits

My publisher sent me the latest round of edits for Big in Japan–and there’s hope this will be the last. I’m poring over the lines, looking for typos and flubs, and I can start to feel the energy of this-book-is-really-going-to-be-in-print! The MS is 322 pages in Word, and I’m on page 133 of this read-through, […]

Making the Leap

I’m happy to relocate my blog from Blogger to WordPress. It’s going to be fun to design my own website and start to promote my upcoming novel Big in Japan, the story of a hapless heavy guy who goes to Japan and accidentally becomes a sumo wrestler. (He has to win the Emperor’s Cup to save […]