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Review: INSIGHT by Terron James

It’s been a few years since I last read an epic fantasy. When did the first Lord of the Rings movie come out? 2001? I think so. I remember at the time my best friend said, “We’re having a Lord of the Rings party, and we’re only inviting people who totally appreciate the book, and […]

Tips on WorldBuilding from Fantasy Author Terron James

Hey! Exciting day! My good friend Terron James’s book release for his first book INSIGHT is today! Woo hoo! You should see the cover of this baby. It’s truly beautiful and the writing inside is as well. I just read INSIGHT this week. It’s a high fantasy, and it’s 400 pages of awesomeness, the first […]

Super Blogger Moi

So, even if I don’t add a lot of content to this site this month, I’ve been adding a certain amount of text gravitas to the World Wide Web in general. Need evidence? Check out this list of blogs I’ve been scribbling all over lately. (Many thanks to my publicist Kirk for facilitating the blog […]