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Ridiculously Addicted to this Show

I recently got sucked into a Netflix obsession. Admit it–you’ve either done it or been tempted. Streaming TV is my nemesis, and my great love. It’s been probably seven or eight years since I’d seen it, but I started watching old seasons of What Not to Wear. You know, the makeover show on the TLC […]

The Tornado of Craziness Soon Will End. Alas.

This last month has been a total whirlwind of crazy tornado-ness. More than anything, it’s been sucked up by driving (I’m not kidding) 4,000+ miles in the car. Yes, the thought of even driving to WalMart at this point sort of makes my knees shake. But besides the car mania, here’s what I’ve been plowing […]

Shouldn’t This Get Easier By Now?

I’m excited! I have a book signing today! And it’s in my hometown, at the Preston Citizen from noon to two. Or three. Depending. But to be honest, I’m also pretty nervous. Shouldn’t this get easier by now? It’s been 10 years (well, nine years and eleven months) since I first ever did a book […]

Why I Write About Makeovers

Hi. My name is Jennifer and I’m a lazy personal groomer. Sometimes I think I need a support group because I absolutely hate doing my hair and makeup. Yeah, I make the effort every day–sometimes not until 3 in the afternoon–but it’s not something I look forward to or enjoy. I find myself feeling a […]

And Now, For Your Beach-Reading Pleasure…(Plus it’s on Sale!!!)

It’s finally up! The Lost Art: A Romantic Comedy is available! If you have a Kindle reader and are planning a trip to the beach or just need a little reading escape, here’s a summer “gift for you.” It’s quick, lighthearted fun. There’s romance, mystery, a billionaire, a handsome FBI agent… Summer love! I’m offering […]

Introducing: The Lost Art: A Romantic Comedy

I’m really excited about this book! And at long last, I’ve got a blurb. Well, it might be a work in progress. All her life, Ava Young assumed the only way a guy would take a second look at her was if she was the only person in the room. And on fire. So she’s been distant, […]

Cover and Title Reveal of My Coming-Soon Rom-Com

Exciting day! I’m finally ready to reveal the cover and title of my next novel. This one has been in the works for a lot of years, with the concept gelling in my head about six years ago. But I got frustrated with it after about 85 pages and set it on the shelf. Then, […]