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A Starting Point for Character Creation

The other day I received one of those emails that just makes me smile. It was a request for advice. Made me feel so awesome to be asked for advice. My young friend, who is very artistic by nature and is in college asked, “I have a project that involves developing characters and such. I wonder […]

Books as the Enemy

Lately I’ve had a couple of conversations with friends and acquaintances about books, but not in a good way. These women echoed themes I’ve heard over the years–that some people have an adversarial relationship with books. Last night, for instance, I was talking to a woman when I dropped off my girls at their activity. […]

My internal dialogue is asking for gummy candy

I’m craving candy. Ugh! Where are my gummy Vitamin Ds? I love the peach and blackberry flavors. It’s candy but not. And I got sideways permission from my doctor to eat quite a few. He said take 14,000 milligrams per week, and that he takes them all at once so he doesn’t forget. I could […]

Book Review: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

My friend Megan has been telling me about her friend Jennifer Nielsen who is this fantastic writer she knew in Utah and who recently got picked up by Scholastic (!) for a three-book middle grade deal. Woo hoo! Kudos to writers who get the Big Deal! Really happy for her! So, I was at the school […]

Junk Drawer Non-Junk

I have a really lame bookshelf in my kitchen. (I have to have bookshelves in every room.) The shelf itself isn’t lame, but the drawer at the top is. Every time anyone pulls it out, it teeters and almost falls, dumping its contents on the floor. I’m used to it and know to only pull […]