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Legally in Love Series Writing Process Revealed

I have always thought it was odd when people have asked me about my writing process. I guess in my head the answer is along the lines of, “Well, I sit down in a comfy spot with my laptop, minimize distractions, and then type whatever comes into my head, which is (I always hope) a […]

A Starting Point for Character Creation

The other day I received one of those emails that just makes me smile. It was a request for advice. Made me feel so awesome to be asked for advice. My young friend, who is very artistic by nature and isĀ in college asked, “I have a project that involves developing characters and such. I wonder […]

Tips on WorldBuilding from Fantasy Author Terron James

Hey! Exciting day! My good friend Terron James’s book release for his first book INSIGHT is today! Woo hoo! You should see the cover of this baby. It’s truly beautiful and the writing inside is as well. I just read INSIGHT this week. It’s a high fantasy, and it’s 400 pages of awesomeness, the first […]