Scary Fishing!

My publisher Jolly Fish Press posted this on Facebook earlier today:

“Within a day of Big in Japan’s first press release, the publicity room is a frenzy. None of us are prepared for such an influx of reviewers requests and their slim deadlines. Why are our ARCs not here yet?”

In some ways this is super-de-duper exciting, as my friend Kristin put it. If there’s a lot of interest in the book from reviewers, then that means there could be a lot of interest from booksellers. There could be lots of interest from readers.

(Well, of COURSE! Because who wouldn’t want to read a story about an accidental sumo wrestler? Seriously!)

On the other hand, when those ARCs go out to the reviewers, it’s my heart in their hands ready to get stomped upon.

The truth is, though, that if I were too sensitive to receive criticism (even lots of negative response) about the book, I never could have sent it out for queries, so I’m steeled. It’s like that Mad Magazine spoof from back in the day: “He’s tanned, he’s rested, he’s ready–Nixon in ’88!” I’m tanned (farmer-tanned), I’m rested (at least in the morning), I’m ready (like a Little Cesar’s pizza).

Bring on the reviewers. Let the sumo begin.

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