Solution to Writer’s Block: Hitting the Books

Sometimes I feel like the well is just dry. Dessicated. A desert inside my soul.

Such was the case at the beginning of February. I’d written almost 100K words over the past 9 months, and it was just–I was empty.

Enter: the ANWA Conference bookstore. There I purchased about 10 books written by lovely and talented women I am so honored to associate with. When I got home from that, I started plowing through those books and read them like a bandit. Each one of them made me think, wow, I love this, and oh, isn’t she talented, and wow, what a great concept!

Each book restored my spirit and bit by bit my reservoir was filled. Now, I feel pretty much ready to get back to work, and I have an idea that will probably be pretty good for the Legally in Love Series. I hope. See? Almost there, confidence-wise.

Sometimes I have writing friends mention they’re in a slump, can’t get that old magic going. My advice? Get a pile of lovely books and read for a  few days (or weeks, as the case may require). Hitting the books always helps me.

Big thank you to the great, talented women I love. You make my life happier and better.

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