Bug Ingestion & Other Healthy Habits for Writers

This morning marks the first scorpion of the spring. Indoor scorpion, that is. Ugh.

This came after my morning run when I was zipping along the rural road smelling the fresh mown hay and accidentally ingested a little bug. Delicious. However, the chance to smell the cut alfalfa was worth it. I’d eat two bugs for that. Oh, and I got to see miniature horses too. What a good day–in spite of bugs.

I started running about a year ago. To tell the truth I’d never run before in my life–and I never intended to. Being a mother to a kid who needed to do a phys ed project changed that. Ah, the things we do for our kids. Well, much like Forrest Gump, I just kept a-running. I’m not fast, nor do I go all that far, nor am I in training for anything in particular. I just try to get out and run. And I don’t even really like it. I just do it.

At a writers conference last year, one of the speakers was a really cool guy named Kirk Shaw. He’s an acquisitions editor for a publisher called Covenant, and he had several  suggestions for the writers on various topics. Ha–one of them was to not be a hermit who hides from the world and speaks through a voice modulator to do author interviews. (Sounds kind of fun, actually, right?) Another was to be fit.

As writers, our main occupation is by nature sedentary. He said we should get up and do physical exercise. Stay healthy. It’s good for us, it will make our minds sharper. Plus, it’s easier to be taken seriously as a professional if I take care of myself.

Plus, we just might get the crunchy protein of a delicious bug at sunrise, and how can you say your day can’t get better after that?

(PS-Remind m esometime to tell the story of the cricket I ate in Japan. On purpose.)



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  1. Keri
    Keri April 22, 2012 at 3:40 pm | | Reply

    Well at least you got your protein for the day! On the bright side, it wasn’t a wasp!

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