Of Wheat Thins and Lessons Learned

This past few weeks has been one continuous round of wild rides. Everything from family surgery to being in charge of fundraisers (that’s plural, fundraiserz) to politics to a book releasing to meetings-a-go-go to missionary discussions to two extremely exciting new opportunities to a busted pipe in a field to mission papers to an Eagle project and its accompanying papers (believe me, those are plural) to … you name it, it’s been on our calendar.

Except pulling weeds. That hasn’t been on our calendar. (Hey, this is Arizona, we have weeds year-round.)

Some seasons are just like that.

And to top it all off, I’m on a diet. WHY must we diet? Why can’t we just burn calories by experiencing stress? Shouldn’t worrying be a form of physical exercise? I mean, I know it wears me out. Why do I also have to subsist on Wheat Thins (not a bad thing, since they’re DELICIOUS, as long as they are the name brand, not the store brand) and whatever “they” define as a “handful” of almonds. Believe me, it’s possible to get a lot of almonds in my hand when I’m feeling like I’m starving.


However, I was thinking about something my father-in-law said the other night about signing up for this life. “I didn’t sign up for ease. I signed up for experience. And believe you me, I am getting it. In spades.”

There aren’t any of these experiences hitting us this past month or so I’d trade. I want them all. Even the less-pleasant ones, I can look back on with fondness, eventually, and with gratitude–either for what I learned, or simply that with God’s help we survived.

Right now I’m looking at this particular week with a boatload of gratitude. A whole heckuva lot of friends and family and kind people came to my support for the release of my most recent book, and I just felt showered with all the kindness and encouragement. I know I’m not some magically wonderful writer, and that maybe only one or two of my books out of a dozen may be worth reading. I hope I’m improving–and I just feel thankful to everyone who has encouraged me to keep trying along the way. I wish I could share my box of Wheat Thins with all of you.

Thank you.