Workshop Excitement

I’m so excited about this. My friend CJ Anaya and I are heading to the hot, hot desert (okay, we already live in one, but this one is even hotter) for a workshop in Phoenix to learn from one of the greats–Dave Wolverton, the mind behind I’ve read his books, watched his vlogs, taken lots of his advice over the years, followed him on social media, and now I get to meet him in person and possibly even ask him some questions about my own work. How awesome is that?

A huge shout out of thanks to CJ for being willing to drop everything at the last minute to go with me. And another huge thank you to my family for being willing to say see ya later to me for a couple of days. THANK YOU! It’s great to have a family that supports my little dream of being a writer.

I’ll let you all know how it goes. And here’s hoping my writing improves VASTLY by paying close attention to the tips Mr. Wolverton teaches us. I’m always hoping and working to improve my skills, even if the result is just making that Cotton Candy for the Soul a little more flavorful.