Cover Reveal: BIG IN JAPAN

BIG IN JAPAN just got a big makeover!

I do love a good makeover, and I’m thrilled with the way this turned out. Kudos to John Wincek at Aerocraft for his beautiful design.

And great news, BIG IN JAPAN went live this morning with its new cover in the Kindle store, and for the first time ever it’s available to read for free for the Kindle Unlimited crowd. (Dou itashimashite.)

Ta-da! New cover!

Oh, and it’s got a shiny new subtitle, too.


In case you’re new here: Here’s the elevator pitch– Big, fat Texan goes to Japan and accidentally becomes a sumo wrestler.

Here’s the full new blurb, too.

Buck Cooper is big. So big, in fact, that people don’t see him anymore—not at work, not in his love life. He’s become 300+ pounds of invisible. But when a family situation shanghais this Texan to Tokyo, suddenly being big makes him a spectacle—in a good way, especially when the spotlight at a sporting match lands on Buck and forces him into the sumo ring. Will this accident of fate be Buck’s chance of a lifetime, making him Big in Japan?

BIG IN JAPAN lifts the curtain to the secret world of sumo wrestling as Buck navigates the always treacherous, sometimes deadly world steeped in Asian culture—often with hilarious results. Like Beverly Hills Ninja meets sumo.

Travel through the streets and alleys and sumo arenas of Japan. Cheer for underdog Buck—not only as he faces off against the biggest enemies on earth, but also as his unswerving goodness opens the door to a possible romance with the princess of sumo.

More than just Sumo 101 or a feel-good sports comedy, BIG IN JAPAN has been selected as a literary text in high school and university classrooms for its themes of interracial romance, bullying, overcoming obstacles, cultural identity, and obesity, as well as its rich storyline as Buck triumphs in a harsh but fulfilling environment.


Three cheers for shiny new covers. Here again is the link to the Kindle version–free for you KU read-aholics.  Enjoy!

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  1. Peggy
    Peggy February 15, 2017 at 2:33 pm |

    Love this new cover, especially the silhouettes.

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