Finishing The WIP

Today I’m telling myself that this, THIS is the day that I’m going to finish the edit of my work in progress, a third installment for the Billionaire Makeover Romance series. It’s been such a fun book to write, and it’s one I’ve had in my head for years, so it’s fun to finally see it coming to fruition.

In its earliest incarnation, it had a different title, different characters and plot and setting. I wrote about 15 pages of it, loved it, but then it died. Sometimes ideas do that.

So I resurrected it in brainstorm form. This time, it had a new set of characters, new plot, new hilarious conflict. But that one never even made it out of the “Initial Brainstorm” file. (I always do a file called “Initial Brainstorm” when Gary and I come up with an idea.)

Finally, I hit on how to make this kernel of an idea work best. Even now, it makes me laugh when I think about the concept. I love the characters and the setting. I’d actually contrived the setting while doing an “Initial Brainstorm” for a completely different series (one yet to see the light of day / an outline). But it worked so well for this book, that I figured I shouldn’t let a great setting go to waste. Someday I might get a chance to write that other series.

Now, I’ve drafted, done one full editing pass, and now I’m throwing myself into the last scene I realized I need to add to make the romance really snap between the hero and the heroine. I think the hero is so delicious, and the heroine is sweet and selfless and great. I really like them. I hope you will, too.



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