Quick Way to Design Covers, Ads, Post Graphics

For a while now I have been wondering how all these people made memes and got these cute graphics to put on their social media posts. When I’d ask, people told me about Canva. I’d tried it last year and got distracted, but I came back to it a month or so ago and saw how it’s actually really easy to use.

It’s a drag-and-drop site that’s free and you can make all kinds of fun posts and ads. In fact, in just an hour or so I made the cover for that Halloween short story installment in the Legally in Love collection, Assumption of the Risk. It’s not super duper great, but I think it fits the romantic suspense tone I was aiming for.

There’s a paid version of Canva, if you want to use some of their more-awesome-looking graphics, but if you just want to design using some of their templates and stock images, you’re still good to go. Once you have your item all set, you can just hit download or share and you’re golden.

Here’s one I made today for this post. Enjoy this fun site!


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