The Billionaire Makeovers Get a Big Makeover!

So, it was time! I needed to gussy up my Billionaire Makeover Romance series, and I decided at first to just re-cover them, but my friend and cover designer told me…nope. They need new faces, new titles, a whole new look.

After a few minutes’ consideration, I realized she was totally right! So, here they are! New covers for some of my favorite books I’ve written.

Here’s the rub.

  1. My Fair Aussie became Setting Up the Billionaire.

2. Immersed became Concealed from the Billionaire.

3. And finally, The Lost Art became Dodging the Billionaire.  Also, I may or may not have mentioned this, but I did a major revamp of this story in December of 2017. So if you look at the reviews, the newer are more reflective of the content. Also, this is the funniest of the books, and as I wrote it, even up until the end, I had no idea if the heroine was going to end up with the quirky billionaire or the hot FBI agent.

They’re all in Kindle Unlimited–for your subscription reading pleasure, too. Yay for binge reading!

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