Snake Oil at the County Fair

Last weekend was our county fair. Do you attend those? We go every year, as it’s our town’s Big Deal. (I think most small towns have at least one Big Deal. Where I grew up, the rodeo was the annual Big Deal, three nights of parades and rodeos and a carnival.)

I went with my husband, and we saw the 4-H kids’ pigs, the giant honeydew melons, the amateur photography. Our daughter’s choir performance was rained out, but she still ate the giant smoked turkey leg. Happily, no one got sick on the carnival rides.

In the commercial building, a guy in a booth snagged me with his $600-a-bottle “white truffle” collagen skin cream. He sat me down in his chair, held up a magnifying mirror, and tapped cream on the fine age lines under my eye.

Why did I let him do this? I do not know. He was not wearing gloves. Who else’s fine under-eye lines had he tapped? I also do not know.

Then, he kept saying to my husband. “You’re the judge. You judge this. Tell her the fine lines are gone.” Finally, I told the kid (who was clearly from out of town) my husband really is a judge. At which point, the kid looked slightly afraid. And he told us he had met the king of Morocco.

As far as the removal of fine lines went, my husband refused to budge and say the skin was any different. Of course, *I* could see the difference. Of course *I* wanted the $600 bottle of snake oil.

Update: We didn’t buy it. However, we did eat the free chocolate offered at the political booth. Therefore, this year’s fair was a huge success in my estimation. Can’t wait for next year.