How I Fell Victim Like Sleeping Beauty

True confession. I am a read-a-holic.

However, I always buy my books … until now. Today, I accidentally-on-purpose signed up for Kindle Unlimited, the Amazon reading subscription program like Netflix. Almost all my books are offered in it, so I love it.

It’s weird I never signed up before, considering. See, there was this email from Amazon, and I clicked it. There was this shiny, shiny offer. I didn’t MEAN to click and buy the reading subscription. It was kind of like in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, when she’s lured up the stairs of the castle, and her finger reaches out and– Ah! Ping! Her fingertip touches the spindle! That’s kind of what it was like. 

Now, I will probably resemble Sleeping Beauty, lying in my bed for a hundred years. But not sleeping, I’ll be happily binge-reading under my cozy pillows and blankets and reading all day, trying to get the most out of my trial period. Did anyone else get this siren-like email today and fall victim?

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