No Hippo, Please

Hello, Reading Friends. It’s been a week of local Christmas music concerts. First was the middle school, then the elementary school. Sunday night was the community’s presentation of “The Messiah”—which we go to every year and which, I think, had the best solos this time—and next week will be the high school. Love them! 

Well, mostly. Isn’t there always that one song…

Yesterday on Facebook, one of my friends asked, “If you could make a wish and one Christmas song would disappear forever, which one would go?” 

He received a variety of answers—and strong opinions. Apparently our middle school choir teacher has a similar strong opinion. Or at least a great sense of humor. The girls’ quartet began a well-known song. It hailed from what I term “the greed collection” of Christmas songs. Each sweet girl held a stuffed animal of a hippo, and the music launched. I heard a collective groan rise from my section of the auditorium. 

But—mercy prevailed! About ten bars in, the music stopped, the girls threw their hippos under the piano. New music began, and the girls sang a song from what I term the “Christmas romance collection.”

We were delivered! The audience went wild. So I guess they had strong opinions, too. If you could make a wish…which one would go?

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