65 Clean Books to Read

My amazing college friend Kerry messaged me last night. She’s so excited because her youngest starts first grade (it’s a bittersweet but liberating day, as all mommies know!), and she will finally have some time to write the things that she hasn’t had time to put to paper. She served as a magazine editor in our right-after-college days, and she’s a gifted writer, so I’m really excited for her to be able to have this time. At last!

Here’s a link to her website, which already serves as an idea resource for moms and women. I hope you’ll look at all the nooks and crannies.

While you’re there, though, check out her amazing list of great books for your book club to read! It’s one of those cringey moments when you’ve got your book club reading something and find out it’s not what you thought. Eek!

As you’re scrolly-scrolling through it, you might see one of my books. Honestly, I feel so honored to have one of my books featured here!

65 Clean Books to Read