New Series Available: The Forever Home Romances

Check out my three new releases! I’m so excited to introduce this series I’ve been working on all year. They’re a fun, funny assortment of “reunion romances,” set in the same world as The Christmas House Romances.

Book 1 is The Love Notes. I have always loved the idea of reigniting an old flame during a high school reunion. However, this book has the twist of only she knew who was exchanging letters. The athlete was in the dark.

Book 2 is Search Angel. It takes place a town over from The Love Notes, and it centers around a hockey player who was adopted from foster care and needs to find a blood relative in order to unravel a medical mystery. To do that, he enlists the help of the heroine, who volunteers as “search angel,” with her genealogy-sleuthing skills. Problem: she remembers him from high school as her bully. And she can’t stand him.

Book 3 is Breach of Promise. This is my favorite book I’ve written in a long time. I love the hero! He’s an airplane mechanic by day, and a sci-fi author (with a secret penname) by night. He and the heroine signed a legal contract back when they were 18, promising to marry. Now, they’re turning 30 and he’s coming to collect. Problem: she’s got someone persistent in her life already. Solution: the hero will just sue her for breach of contract.

I think what I loved about this series was the trip into small-town life, the reunions, and the transformations each of the heroes and heroines made between their “before” and “after” lives together. Timing is everything. Being brave is key, even when it takes digging deep. Forgiveness is EVERYTHING.

Check them out for a sweet summer escape. They’re in Kindle Unlimited, as well as in paperback.