Book 2 in the Sugarplum Falls Romances Available

Book 2 in the Sugarplum Falls Romance Series is available now: Christmas at Turtledove Place: A Nanny Romance

Lights on a frozen waterfall. A cozy fireplace. A nanny carrying a torch for the single-dad.

Captain Beau Cabot can’t keep a nanny. It isn’t that his kids are bad, it’s that the helpers he hires won’t believe that the only needs they should take care of are the children’s.

Speech therapist Sophie Hawkins loves her niece and nephew. Despite Sophie’s lifelong, unwise crush on Beau, Sophie races to Sugarplum Falls when she hears of Beau’s needs. Someone has to care for the two cutest kids in the world this holiday!

Beau knows not to fall for the nanny, no matter how perfectly nurturing and healing she is to his kids—and to him—and that she might be just the glue needed to put his family back together.

Christmas at Turtledove Place is a nanny romance in the tradition of the classic Hollywood musical The Sound of Music.