Audiobooks Free to Listen on YouTube

I’ve started a YouTube channel just for sharing with you my audiobooks!

The channel is called Stewart Plaid Publishing, and it features Cotton Candy for the Soul books, which you can enjoy free of cost (but I do ask you to subscribe–since it’s through reaching a required number of subscribers that I can recoup my production investment costs. Thank you for helping an author out!) Plus, what a bargain! Especially when you remember that most audiobooks clock in at $30/each!

Subscribe here and if you also click the “notifications” bell, you’d get cute little alerts whenever a new product is uploaded for listening.

For now, books by Jennifer will be featured, but in the future, there could be additional authors’ work coming. Just waiting to see how quickly the subscriber list reaches the magic minimum level! So, share around with other friends who like clean, uplifting, romantic stories!

Subscribe here now!