Texts from my Future Self

Gary and I were watching this webTV series a few weeks ago, just a couple of episodes so I don’t know how it ends (it got a little edgy for me).

Anyway, in it, the ever-darling Shiri Appleby is in a lame relationship. She is in the process of inventing a smart phone app that lets a person send texts to the past. She knows it works because she starts getting texts from herself–from some point in the future. Her texts tell her to break up with the jerk, etc.

I was thinking, if I could send texts to my past self, what would I send?

Hmm. I guess they’d mostly be, “Don’t eat that!” and “Put down the third piece of coconut cream pie and step away from the Little Debbie Cakes,” and “The whole bag of red licorice is not the serving size!”

Then there’d be the category of, “Don’t get that perm,” and “Don’t cut your own hair.” Or the shopping missteps corrections of “Don’t buy those elastic waistband jeans,” and “Not those shoes!”

I guess the dating doesn’t need to be covered, since it all ended up so happily and I ended up with a guy who will stay up late nights watching Hulu dating shows. Not that tragic.