Too Busy to Write?

Actually, as much as I do love, love, love to write, there are seasons for everything. Right now is by necessity my season to be the mom. Luckily, it’s my favorite season. Like autumn is. I just love wearing great boots and a cozy sweater. It’s the best.

This past weekend I had a super great mom day. My 14 year old son received his Eagle Scout award. We held the court of honor for him at our church in the gym. The neighbors came. The former scout leaders, school teachers, piano teachers, Sunday school teachers. Cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, siblings. Other scouts in the troop. Church leaders. I brought doughnuts.

I have to say, the best moments were when the former Scoutmaster was saying nice things about my son. He’s kind of a different kid. Anyone who has met him knows that. However, the Scoutmaster pointed out some of the things that make him different that aren’t so obvious–but are the best different things about him, like the fact that my kid doesn’t ever want to cheat to win. Like the fact that he never had seen my son do anything that would be a bad example to the other boys or to leaders. Like the fact that my son is super self-motivated and is the first one up in the morning and has a plan for his own success.

As a mom, I knew these things. But I knew that most other people don’t see these great qualities. They might just get stopped at the quirks (which I won’t outline because someday he might read this blog. Or worse, his prospective bride might and why stir up anything, right?) It’s hard to really know a person, I think, in general.

Meanwhile, everyone told me good job about his Eagle. But in this case, as the mom I did nothing more than get him through the two merit badges for which I’m the ward’s merit badge counselor. Granted, they’re the two most irritating badges (you scouts and scout parents could probably guess them without a hint). Personal Management and Family Life. Other than that, however, I did suggest one time that he make a couple of phone calls for the Eagle project, and I showed up with McDonald’s breakfast at the project. At his request.

So, I am not busy writing a story, but I am enjoying having some good things to write in the book of my life that I try to journal on Sunday afternoons. It’s really nice to have a joyful chapter to pen this week.