Now Available: Big in Japan!

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Big in Japan, the story of an accidental sumo wrestler.

Big fat Texan Buck Cooper is invisible in his crummy job and non-existent love life–until fate takes him to Japan, where everything changes!

Finally, a good hair day.

Jennifer Griffith








“I don’t just like it I love it. A novel everyone from middle aged cowboys to adolescent girls are sure to love.” –Eric Bishop

“I purchased the full book off of reading a sample. By the end of the day, I was half way through the story, caught up in the 300 pound main character, Buck, who joins his parents on a business trip to Japan. Buck is the perfect awkward unsung hero, but his quirks are endearing, and his character very relatable. Great humor throughout as well, some serious thought-provoking events, as well as a sweet romance. Really, everything rolled into one. ” –Heather B. Moore, award-winning author

“Griffith gives us a different picture of Japan than most of us have previously seen. This is not the cherry blossoms and tea houses version, but the crowded shops, strange food, political maneuvering, and grunginess of that country’s national sport. Murder, blackmail, and danger create an intense plot that will keep many readers on the edge of their chairs or burning the lights far into the night. Though there is a nice romance included in this novel, I wouldn’t assign this one to the Romance genre. It’s more high action sports drama. It’s also a study in human ethics and has a broad appeal to men as much, perhaps more, than to women.”         –Jennie Hansen, Meridian Magazine

“In ‘Big In Japan,’ Griffith weaves a delightfully entertaining tale of change, bravery and true love in the life of a lonely young man trying to overcome an austere and challenging environment. … Readers will be engaged as they follow the tragedies and triumphs of an endearingly kind and honest young man in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun.'” —Deseret News